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    Dream of Oct. 11, 2014

    jg gunn
    jg gunn

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    Dream of Oct. 11, 2014 Empty Dream of Oct. 11, 2014

    Post by jg gunn on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:40 pm

    The dream starts we are out walking in a field, my 3 sons and I. My wife, my Mom and Dad are there too I can't see them but I know they are there. . One of the boys was trailing behind, I am concerned because it is my autistic son. I am calling him and trying to hurry him along. Even though we are out in the country I feel uneasy. I look up and I see a large white jet, I think a DC-10, diving toward the ground.(It was a very steep dive with the left wing pointing down). I yell to everyone to run.

    The scene we are looking back to where the jet was diving. Somehow we've gotten a safe distance from the impact point. The jet hits the ground and explodes with a mushroom cloud like a nuclear bomb. The sky darkens.

    Next scene; still with the same family members, and as I look around there are fires and destruction in every direction.There are not may living people around.  I look around trying to understand what is happening. Suddenly superimposed over what I see, are scenes from WWII documentaries. I wonder how, who and why someone is doing this. I hear my Dad say, "They picked the wrong weekend to put this stuff on." Suddenly I realize what is happening. I say to my Dad, "Dad they are trying to confuse people and make them believe something is what it is not. They are trying to fool everyone." I looked around and thought, their plan is not working, what will happen now ?

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