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    jg gunn
    jg gunn

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    Post by jg gunn on Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:25 pm

    by Joe Brandt

    The Day Of The Earthquake

    I woke up in the hospital room with a terrific headache- as if the whole world was revolving inside my brain. I
    remember, vaguely, the fall from my horse-Blackie. As I lay there, pictures began to form in my mind-pictures
    that moved with the speed of lightning-pictures that revolved-pictures that stood still. I seemed to be in another
    world. Whether it was the future, or whether it was some ancient land, I could not say.

    Then slowly, like the silver screen of the "talkies", but with colour and smell and sound, I seemed to find myself
    in Los Angeles. It was Los Angeles-it was bigger, much bigger, and busses and odd shaped cars crowded the
    city streets. I thought about Hollywood Blvd., and I found myself, there, on Hollywood Blvd. Whether this is
    true, I don't know, but there were a lot of guys about my age with beards and wearing, some of them, earrings.
    All the girls wore real short skirts... and they slouched along, moving like a dance. I wondered if I could talk to
    them, and I said "hello", but they didn't hear or see me. I decided that I would look as funny to them as they
    looked to me. I tried, for awhile, that crazy kind of walk. I guess it is something you have to learn. I couldn't to
    it. I noticed there was a quietness about the air, a kind of stillness. Something else was missing, something that
    should be there.

    At first, I couldn't figure it out, I didn't know what it was-then I did. THERE WERE NO BIRDS. I listened. I
    walked two blocks north or the Blvd...All birds. I wondered what had happened to them. Had they
    gone away? Where? Again, I could hear the stillness. I had never experienced anything like it. I listened...just the

    Then, I knew something was going to happen. I wondered what year it was. It certainly was not 1937. I saw a
    newspaper on the corner with a picture of the president. It surely wasn't Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier,
    big ears. If it wasn't 1937, I wondered what year it was. It looked like 1969...but I wasn't sure. My eyes weren't
    working just right..

    Someone was coming...someone in 1937... it was that fat nurse ready to take my temperature. I woke up. Crazy
    dream (There are pages here about a similar dream occurring-finding himself in Los Angeles-although it was
    the next day (in 1937) it was the same day in Los Angeles, and the dream would continue where the last dream
    left off.) My headache is worse. It is a wonder I didn't get killed on that horse. I've had another crazy dream,
    back in Hollywood. Those people. Why do they dress like that I wonder? I found myself back on the Blvd. I was
    waiting for something to happen. Something BIG was going to happen and I was going to be there. I looked up
    at the clock down by that big theatre. It was 10 minutes to 4. Something BIG was going to happen. I walked
    down the street. In the concrete in front of a theatre they had names of stars. I recognized a few of them. The
    other names I had never heard. I was getting bored. I wanted to get back to the hospital in Fresno, and I wanted
    to stay there on the blvd., even if nobody could see me. Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that?
    Maybe it is some big Halloween doings, but it don't seem like Halloween. More like early spring.

    There was that sound again. that LACK OF SOUND. STILLNESS, STILLNESS, STILLNESS. Don't these
    people KNOW that the birds have gone somewhere? The QUITE IS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER. I

    It sure did. She woke me up, grinning and smiling, that fat nurse again. "It's time for your milk, kiddo," she
    says. Gosh, old woman of 30 acting like the cat's pyjamas. Next time maybe she'll bring hot chocolate.


    Where have I been. Where haven't I been! I've been to the ends of the earth and back. I've been to the end of the
    world. There isn't anything left. Not even Fresno, even though I'm lying here right this minute. If only my eyes
    would get a little clearer so I can write all this down. Nobody will believe me, anyway.

    I'm going back to that last moment on the Blvd. Some sweet kid went past, dragging a little boy (twins, I guess)
    by each hand. Her skirt was up--well, pretty high--and she had a tired look. I thought for a minute I could ask
    her about the birds, what had happened to them, and then, I remembered she didn’t see me. Her hair was all
    frowzy, way out all over her head. A lot of them looked like that, but she looked so tired and like she was sorry
    about something. I guess she was sorry BEFORE it happened, because it surely did happen.

    There was a funny smell. I don't like it. A smell like sulphur, sulphuric acid, a smell like death. For a minute, I
    thought I was back in chem. (chemistry). When I looked around for the girl, she was gone. I wanted to find her
    for some reason. It was if I knew something was going to happen and I could stay with her, help her. She was
    gone, and I walked half a block, then saw the clock again. My eyes seemed glued on that clock. I couldn’t move.
    I just waited. It was FIVE MINUTES TO FOUR O'CLOCK ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON. I thought I would
    stand there looking at that clock forever waiting for the something to come.

    Then, when it came, it was nothing. It was just nothing. It wasn't nearly as hard as the earthquake we had two
    years ago. The ground shook, just an instant. People looked at each other, surprised. Then they laughed, I
    laughed too. So this was what I had been waiting for. This funny little shake. It meant nothing. I was relieved
    and I was disappointed. What had I been waiting for? I started back up the Blvd., moving my legs like those
    kids. How do they do it?

    I never found out. I felt as if the ground wasn't solid under me. I knew I was dreaming and yet I wasn't
    dreaming. There was that smell again--coming like from the ocean. I was getting to the 5 and 10 (Newberry's?)
    and I saw the look on the kids' faces. Two of them were right in front of me, coming my way. Both with beards.
    One with earrings. One said: "let's get out of this place. Let's go back East." He seemed scared. It was as if the
    sidewalks were trembling - but you couldn't seem to see them. Not with your eyes you couldn't. An old lady
    had a dog, a little white dog, and she stopped and looked scared, and grabbed him in her arms and said,” Let’s
    go home, Frou, Frou. Mamma is going to take you home." That poor old lady, hanging on to her dog. I got
    scared. Real scared.

    I remembered the girl. She was way down the block, probably. I started to run. I ran and ran, and the ground
    kept trembling. But I couldn't see it. I couldn't feel it. But I knew it was trembling. Everybody looked scared.
    They looked terrible. One young lady just sit down on the sidewalk all doubled up. She kept saying
    "earthquake, it's THE earthquake." over and over. But I COULDN"T SEE THAT ANYTHING WAS

    Then, when it came. How it came. Like nothing in God's world. Like nothing. It was the scream of a siren, long
    and low, or the scream of a woman I heard having a baby when I was a kid. It was awful. It was as if
    something- some monster- was PUSHING UP THE SIDEWALKS. You felt it long before you saw it, as if the
    sidewalks wouldn't hold anymore. I looked out at the cars. They were honking but not scared. They just kept
    moving. They didn't seem to know yet that anything was happening. Then, that white car, that baby half-sized
    one, came sprawling from the inside lane right against the curb. The girl who was driving just sat there. She sat
    there with her eyes staring, as if she couldn't move, but I could hear her. She whimpered. Like a little girl. She
    made funny noises. I watched her, thinking of the other girl.

    I said that it was a dream and I would wake up.. But I didn't wake up. But I didn't wake up. The shaking had
    started again, but this time different. It was a nice shaking, like a cradle being rocked for a minute, and then I
    saw the middle of the Blvd. seemed to be breaking in two. The concrete looked as if it were being pushed
    straight up by some giant shovel. it. It was breaking in two. That is why the girl's car went out of control.. AND
    ALL KINDS OF SOUNDS... children, and women and those crazy guys with earrings. They were all moving, it
    seemed, some of them above the sidewalk. I can't describe it. They were LIFTED UP. and the waters kept
    oozing...oozing. The cries. It was awful. I woke up. I never want to have that dream again.


    It came again. Like the first time which was a preview and all I could remember was that it was the end of the
    world. I was right back there--all that crying. Right in the middle of it. My eardrums felt as if they were going to
    burst. Noise everywhere. People falling down, some of them bad hurt. Pieces of buildings, chips, flying in the
    air. One hit me hard on the side of the face, but I didn't seem to feel it.

    I wanted only to wake up, to get away from this place. It had been fun in the beginning, the first dream, when I
    kind of knew I was going to dream the end of the world or something. This was terrible. There were older people
    in the cars. Most of the kids were in the street. But those old guys were yelling bloody murder, as if anybody
    could help them.. Nobody could help them. Nobody could help them.

    It was then that I felt myself lifted up. Maybe I had died. I don't know. But I was over the city. It was tilting
    toward the ocean-like tilting a picnic table. The buildings were holding, better than you could believe. They were
    holding. They were holding. The people saw they were holding and they tried to cling to them or get inside. It
    was fantastic. Like a building had a will of its own. Everything else breaking around them, and they were
    holding, holding. I was up over them-looking down. I started to root for them. Hold that line, I said. Hold that
    line. Hold that line. I wanted to cheer, to shout, to scream. If the buildings held, those buildings on the Blvd.,
    maybe the girl-the girl with the two kids-maybe she could get inside.

    It looked that way for a long time, maybe three minutes, and three minutes was like forever. Everybody was
    trying to get inside. They were going to hold. You knew they were going to hold, even if the waters kept coming
    up. Only they didn't. I've never imagined what it would be like for a building to die. A building dies just like a
    person. It gives way, some of the bigger ones did just that. They began to crumble, like an old man with palsy,
    who couldn't take it anymore. They crumble right down to nothing. And the little ones screamed like mad-over
    and above the roar of the people. They were mad about dying. But buildings die. I couldn't look anymore at the
    people. I kept wanting to get higher. I kept willing myself to go higher.

    Then I seemed to be out of it all, but I could see. I seemed to be up on Big Bear near San Bernardino, but the
    funny thing is that I could see everywhere. I knew what was happening. The earth seemed to start to tremble
    again. I could feel it even though I was up high. This time it lasted maybe twelve seconds, and it was gentle. You
    couldn't believe anything so gentle could cause so much damage. But then I saw the streets of Los Angeles-and
    everything between the San Bernardino mountains and L.A. It was all tilting toward the ocean, houses
    everything that was left. I could see the big lanes-dozens of big lanes still loaded with cars-five lanes in one place,
    and all the cars sliding the same way.

    Now the ocean was coming in, moving like a huge snake across the land. I wondered how long it was, and I
    could see the clock, even though I wasn't there on the Blvd.. It was 4:29. It had been half an hour. I was glad I
    couldn't hear the crying any more. But I could see everything. I could see everything.


    Then, like looking at a huge map of the world, I could see what was happening on the land and with people.
    San Francisco was feeling it, but she was not in any way like Hollywood or Los Angeles. I seemed to see it was
    the GARLOCK FAULT, not just the SAN ANDREAS that was rocking San Francisco. It was moving just like
    that earthquake movie with Jeanette McDonald and Gable. I could see all those mountains coming together-the
    Sierra Nevada, and the San Andreas and Garlock.

    I knew what was going to happen to San Francisco-it was going to turn over, because of Garlock. It would turn
    upside down. It went quickly, because of the twisting, I guess. It seemed much faster than Hollywood, but then I
    wasn't exactly there. I was a long, long way off.

    I shut my eyes for a long time-I guess ten minutes-and when I opened them I saw Grand Canyon, that great big
    gap was closing in, and Boulder Dam was being pushed from underneath. And then, Nevada, and on up to
    Reno. Way down south, way down Baja, California, Mexico too. It looked like some volcano down there was
    erupting, along with everything else.

    I saw the map of South America, especially Colombia. Another volcano-eruption-shaking violently. Venezuela
    seemed to be having some king of volcanic activity. Away off in the distance, I could see Japan, on a Fault, too.
    It was so far off-not easy to see, because I was still on Big Bear Mountain, but Japan started to go into the sea. I
    couldn't tell time, then, and the people looked like dolls, far away. I couldn't hear the screaming, but I could see
    the surprised look on their faces. They looked so surprised.. They were all like dolls. It was so far away I could
    hardly see it. In a minute or two it seemed over. Everybody was gone. There was nobody left.

    I didn't know time now. I couldn't see a clock. I tried to see the island of Hawaii. I could just see huge tidal
    waves...beating against it. The people on the streets were getting wet, and they were scared. But I didn't see
    anybody going into the sea. I seemed way around the globe. More flooding. Is the world going to be drenched?
    Constantinople. Black Sea rising. Suez Canal, for some reason seemed to be drying up. SICILY.. she doesn't
    hold. I could see map. Mt Etna is shacking. A lot of this area seemed to go, but it seemed to be earlier or later.

    I wasn't sure of time, now. ENGLAND.....huge floods-but no tidal waves. Water, water everywhere, but no one
    going into the sea. People were frightened and crying. Some places they fell in the streets on their knees and
    started to pray for the world. I didn't know the English were emotional. Ireland, Scotland-all kinds of churches
    were crowded-it seemed night and day. People were carrying candles and everybody was crying for California,
    Nevada, parts of Colorado- maybe all of it, even Utah.

    Everybody was crying-most of them didn't even know anybody in California, Nevada, Utah, but they were
    crying as if they were blood kin. Like one family. Like it happened to them. NEW YORK was coming into view-
    she was still there, nothing had happened, yet water level was way up. Here, things were different. People were
    running in the streets yelling-"end of world". Kids ran into restaurants and ate everything in sight. I saw a shoe
    store with all the shoes gone in about five minutes. Fifth Avenue- everybody running. Some radio blasting from
    a loud speaker that in a few minutes, power might be shut off. They must control themselves. Five girls were
    running like mad toward the Y.W.C.A., that place on Lexington or somewhere. They ran like they were scared
    to death. BUT NOTHING WAS HAPPENING IN NEW YORK. I saw an old lady with garbage cans, filling
    them with water. Everybody seemed scared to death. Some people looked dazed. The streets seemed filled with
    loud speakers. It wasn't daylight. It was night. I saw, like the next day, and everything was topsy turvy. Loud
    speakers again about fuel tanks broken in areas-shortage of oil. People seemed to be looting markets.

    Oregon, Washington, The Dakotas, Missouri, Minnesota, Canada

    I saw a lot of places that seemed safe, and people were not scared. Especially the rural areas. Here everything
    was almost as if nothing had happened. People seemed headed to these places some on foot, some in cars (that
    still had fuel). I heard-or somehow I knew- that somewhere in the Atlantic land had come up. A lot of land. I was
    getting awful tired. I wanted to wake up I wanted to go back to the girl-to know where she was-she and those
    two kids. I found myself back in Hollywood-and it was still 4:29. I wasn't up on Big Bear then- I was perched
    over Hollywood. I was just there. It seemed perfectly natural in my dream.

    T.V., Radio, Ham Operators

    I could hear now. I could hear, someplace, a radio station blasting out-telling people not to panic. They were
    dying in the streets. There were picture stations with movies-some right in Hollywood-these were carrying on,
    with all the shaking. One fellow ( in the picture (TV) station) was a little short guy who should have been scared
    to death. But he wasn't. He kept shouting and reading instructions. Something about helicopters or planes
    would go over-some kind of planes-but I knew they couldn't.

    Things were happening in the atmosphere. The waves were rushing up now. Waves. Such waves. Nightmare
    waves. Then, I saw again, Boulder Dam, going down...pushing together, pushing together breaking apart-No,
    Grand Canyon was pushing together, and Boulder Dam was breaking apart. It was still daylight. All these radio
    stations went off at the same time-Boulder Dam had broken. I wondered how everybody would know about it-
    people back East. That was when I saw the "ham radio operators". I saw them in the oddest places, as if I were
    right there with them. Like the little guy with glasses. They kept sounding the alarm. One kept saying: "This is
    California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea.. Get to the high places. Get to
    the mountains. All states west-this is California. We are going to the - We are going to the" - I thought he was
    going to say" sea". But I could see him. He was inland, but the waters had come in. His hand was still clinging
    to the table, he was trying to get up, so that once again he could say: "This is California we are going into the
    sea. This is California we are going into the sea." I seemed to hear this, over and over, for what seemed hours-just
    those words.

    They kept it up until the last minute-all of them-calling out "Get to the Mountains-This is California.-We are
    going into the sea." I woke up. It didn't seem as if I had been dreaming. I have never been so tired. For a minute
    or two, I thought it had happened. I wondered about two things. I hadn't seen all what happened to Fresno (his
    home) and I hadn't found out what happened to that girl. I've been thinking about it all morning. I'm going
    home tomorrow. It was just a dream. It was nothing more.

    Nobody in the future on Hollywood Blvd. is going to be wearing earrings-and those beards. Nothing like that is
    ever going to happen. That girl was so real to me-that girl with those two kids. It won't ever happen-but if it did,
    how could I tell her (maybe she isn't even born yet) to move away from California when she has her twins-and
    she can't be on the Blvd. that day. She was so real!

    The other thing-those ham operators-hanging on like that-over and over-saying the same thing: " This is
    California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to the mountains. Get to
    the hilltops. California, Nevada Colorado, Arizona, Utah. This is California. We are going into the sea." I guess
    I'll hear that for days.
    jg gunn
    jg gunn

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     1937 - VISION OF THE COMING EARTHQUAKE Empty Some thoughts on Joe Brandt's 1937 dream/vision

    Post by jg gunn on Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:48 pm

    Here are some points to note which lift this dream/vision out of the realm of ordinary night-time dreaming, they are as follows:

    1. The dream took place in perfect continuity, night after night, for many nights, always picking up
    exactly where it left off.

    2. He was projected at least 30 years ahead in time, seeing modes of dress for youth not imagined
    by anyone in 1937.

    3. Half-sized cars were seen-many of them, and in 1937 such cars were not familiar to the United States. He remarked about the odd shapes.

    4. Super-highways (freeways) are noted, which did not exist in the US in 1937

    5. T.V (picture stations he calls them in his dream.) Not well know in 1937.

    Note: absence of birds. Birds and animals flee an area just before earthquakes.

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