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    The Democrats Have Stolen the Presidential Election

    Stonewall Thompson
    Stonewall Thompson

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    The Democrats Have Stolen the Presidential Election Empty The Democrats Have Stolen the Presidential Election

    Post by Stonewall Thompson Thu Nov 12, 2020 1:47 pm

    English Translation:

    A few months ago it looked like the re-election of Trump was almost certain, but now there was a close race between Trump and Biden? What happen during the last months?

    In the months before the election, the Democrats used the “Covid pandemic” to put in place voting by mail. The argument was used that people who safely go to supermarkets and resturants could catch Covid if they stood in voting lines. Never before used on a large scale, voting by mail is subject to massive vote fraud.

    There are many credible reports of organized vote fraud committed by Democrats. The only question is whether the Republican establishment will support challenging the documented fraud or whether Trump will be pressured to concede in order to protect the reputation of American Democracy.

    For those influenced by a partisan media that is denying the massive fraud that occurred, here is an overview of the elements of the fraud and the legal remedies.
    More @ link.

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