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    Four Boxes: Soap, Jury, Ballot, And Ammo

    Stonewall Thompson
    Stonewall Thompson

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    Four Boxes: Soap, Jury, Ballot, And Ammo Empty Four Boxes: Soap, Jury, Ballot, And Ammo

    Post by Stonewall Thompson Wed Nov 18, 2020 9:22 am

    Four Boxes: Soap, Jury, Ballot, And Ammo

    I was physically restrained and denied the right to vote once – and Pugsley would have made such a great 6th grade treasurer.

    Western Civilization is a work of genius. Yes, there are flaws, and some of them may be fatal, but it has produced the greatest amount of achievement in human history. Western Civilization has done things that no culture has in history. It has gone from the farthest reaches of the Arctic, to the Antarctic, to the tallest mountain in the world and the lowest trench in the sea. And don’t forget the Sports Illustrated® Swimsuit Edition™.

    While other nations starved their own citizens on purpose, we gladly fed the world.

    Were we perfect? Certainly not. I, for one, want to apologize to the world for The Brady Bunch, which I believe was in violation of the Geneva Convention. But in most cases, we brought far more than we took. When Western Civilization retreats, freedom dies and chaos reigns.

    There are Four Boxes that keep Western Civilization safe – really four systems. Remove them? Freedom dies and chaos reigns. I’ll note that Western Civilization is built on more than this – but these are four stabilizing features that help protect it.
    more @ link.

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