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    Such a Nation as this...

    J B Maccabee
    J B Maccabee

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    Such a Nation as this... Empty Such a Nation as this...

    Post by J B Maccabee on Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:55 pm

    Such a Nation as this... Aug.4,2014
    J. Thompson

    You have to ask yourself, why would the citizens of any nation obey it's laws, if on a daily basis they watched as their government, violated and or ignored any law they didn't find convenient. If also on a daily basis, the citizens found themselves battling a torrent of new laws and regulations that hindered them in everything from collecting rainwater on their own property, to how they buy healthcare, even things as trivial as how much soda they can consume. How would the citizens react if the same government then exempted themselves from the laws they passed? As freedom and liberty were limited more and more, some citizen, or citizens, might resist and demand the government uphold the laws, as they swore an oath to do. What would the citizens do if the government responded to their grievances by declaring them terrorists and began spying on all of them? What if the government went a step further, and declared that national security was at stake, and it could arrest any citizen it deemed a terrorist. Because of national security, it could hold them without legal representation indefinitely? What if the government then declared it could kill accused terrorist any where on what they (the government) deemed the battlefield, without a trial. Then declared it's own territory the battlefield. Because of national security of course.
    Would the citizens of such a nation feel any loyalty to it?

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