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    Not a biased media?

    J B Maccabee
    J B Maccabee

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    Not a biased media? Empty Not a biased media?

    Post by J B Maccabee on Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:33 pm

    By James Thompson Sr.
    Oct. 26, 2013

    I have a hard time understanding how anyone can still argue that the MSM is not in Obamas pocket. News coverage, or rather the lack of meaningful coverage on this scale cannot be explained in any other way. What brings it to light today is the cheerleading about the promise of a quick fix to the disaster that is the Obamacare website. Remember our media had a history of not believing promises by politicians or CEOs trying to cover up a train wreck like the opening of this pig. However, with this one you could channel surf through the alphabet News, from ABC thru CNN and get one smiling anchor after another assuring us that the massive problems would all be fixed by the end of November. ...and moving on to other news...

    It reminds me how quickly they dropped the Benghazi mess. How they pushed the Bad Video cause and then just dropped the matter when it was disclosed that the White House knew from the beginning that it was a 911 terror attack but didn't want that news out. How quickly they looked the other way when Hillary Clinton exploded in barely contained fury: “With all ... What difference at this point does it make?" concerning what the White House knew, and when, about Benghazi. What Richard Nixon knew about the Watergate break in, and when, is apparently a lot more important than what Obama knew, and when, about Americans being murdered by terrorist at Benghazi.

    On another note they don't even question why, with his signature healthcare website crashing around him, Obama is giving speeches at High Schools and doing fundraisers for fellow Democrats. Again they allow him to act like he stands outside DC politics and has no part in the very problems he creates. Like the partial shutdown that he caused and enhanced by ordering closed National Parks that could have gone on operating with personal who knew they would get paid eventually if they worked. Not a single major national story was forthcoming about his Chicago tactics that caused financial problems and not a word is mentioned about it in the sad stories carried about them afterword. He is held accountable for nothing he does.

    And by the way, did you hear that one of Michelle Obamas Princeton cronies just happens to be a Vice president with the company that got the Obamacare web contract? You know the one that still doesn't function. Who'd of thought?
    jg gunn
    jg gunn

    Posts : 21
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    Not a biased media? Empty More evidence

    Post by jg gunn on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:00 am

    jg gunn
    jg gunn

    Posts : 21
    Join date : 2013-10-24

    Not a biased media? Empty Rehearsed white house press conferences.

    Post by jg gunn on Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:45 am

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    Not a biased media? Empty Re: Not a biased media?

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